Player Notebook

The following is the selection criteria for national team players. Entrants to the Spirit Eagles Groupalso perform the subsequent skill tests. Upon selection to a team, players will be expected to maintain a measured level of fitness and will undergo periodic testing.

Characteristics that are looked for in elite players are:

  1. Ability to perform skills under pressure and in a confined space.
  2. Ability and confidence to neutralize a player in a one–on-one situation.
  3. Hockey intelligence- good understanding of the game.
  4. Dedication to success with a fierce desire to achieve goals.
  5. High level of endurance – exceptional aerobic capacity.
  6. Speed, mobility, and coordination. Every player must be fast to be successful on artificial surfaces.
  7. Have exceptional understanding of the game (on and off the ball) able to detect cues emitted by opponents and making the correct individual and game decisions.
  8. Coaching ability.
  9. Commitment to the game.
  10. Reaction to criticism, playing and peripheral stress-including hockey politics.
  11. Social habits.

The following physical and skill criteria must be achieved before players will be invited to join the National training squads:

Aerobic Fitness is an important part of hockey, and the 15-minute run is widely accepted and used as a guide to aerobic condition. All field players should aim at completing 4000M (4,360 yards).

Endurance and speed is also important and as a guide to endurance fitness/speed conditioning, a 5-minute run has proven successful. All field players must achieve greater than 1500M (1,630 yards).

Although goalkeepers have a different physical condition requirement, they would be expected to get somewhere near the distances.

Players must achieve the following scores:

  • Hitting Power mean 2.4 seconds
  • Pushing power mean 1.4 seconds


Yardstick Test
Player must achieve a score of 130

Skills Yardstick Test

Player is to move the ball from left to right over a measured distance of 3 ft. to score a movement from A to B is 1, or a movement from A to B to A is 2.

The movement is made for 1 minute and the score is recorded.
l<——3 Ft———>l

  1. Stand with feet evenly placed
  2. Outside the center of the line but a comfortable distance from the line.
  3. Ensure each movement of the ball reaches point A and point B.


V score line


  1. Hill a moving ball (push then hit) over 50 yards at a target 4 yards wide
(a goal net).
  2. Each hit from ball release to score line is timed.
  3. Add times for 3 attempts and average.


Accuracy: Each ball must pass through the target area over the score line. AVERAGE TIME MUST BE LESS THAN 2.4 SECS.

To measure pushing power the same exercise is performed over 25 yards but the ball is pushed with the stick not hit. AVERAGE TIME MUST BE LESS THAN 1.4 seconds.

Yardstick: Greater than 130 times.

Run: 1500 Meters in 5 minutes.