About Us

Spirit Eagles Group (SEG) was founded in 1990 following the World Cup Qualifying Tournament in Madison, New Jersey. SEG has grown dramatically and is now the largest and most respected field hockey club and training program in the nation. SEG has training sites across the state which include The Hun School, Stevens Institute of Technology, The Purnell School, The Pingry School and The Peddie School, just to name a few. SEG is the area leader in teaching the game of field hockey.

“I’m of the belief that winners are MADE, not born. Kids most times will always try to do it right, in Field Hockey you must have someone who can SHOW THEM the RIGHT way to do it and HOW to correct it. Spirit Eagles can SHOW THEM, where other clubs cannot on a day-in, day-out basis. Most parents want what’s best for their kids. If that statement is true, then the logical choice will be what our program offers…the best that you can get.” Bobby Issar, Head Coach

Brief History
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The Spirit Eagles Group, Inc., was founded in 1990 following the World Cup qualifying tournament in Madison, New Jersey. Led by Bobby Issar, the club is committed to the training and development of the elite field hockey player. In the twenty-three years since the club’s inception, the organization has grown tremendously and has enjoyed significant success at the national level including the Hockey Festival and the National Indoor Tournament.  

In addition to “on-field success,” the club has produced over 200 athletes who have continued their field hockey careers at the collegiate level. Not only outstanding athletes, SEG recently had 15 college athletes honored by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association for academic achievement. College coaches throughout the United States recognize the Spirit Eagles Group as a premier program with gifted student athletes who are academically eligible for the most rigorous programs.  Today, the organization is one of the most respected field hockey clubs and training programs on the East Coast.

Elite Club Benefits 

  • Top coaches with international experience
  • Annual training program
  • Individual skill development program
  • Hockey Festival Profile Book
  • National and international tournaments
  • Hockey Festival Profile Book


Skill Development 

  • Skill and strategy tips
  • Video analysis 
  • Classroom instruction
  • Yearly skills assessment


Elite Club Training Members will train once a week (minimum) with team members to further develop skills and prepare for match play. Training sessions will be held for up to three hours. As a matter of reference, the hourly fee for this training is approximately $30/hour. Training fees cover the coaching staff, facility rental fees, insurance, and other administrative expenses. 

Playing Opportunities
In addition to the national level tournaments, the Spirit Eagles Field Hockey Group also participates in several local leagues and tournaments to offer the student athlete year-round, comprehensive training. These playing opportunities allow club members to compete with the best field hockey players in the country.  This elite level training as both an individual and team will better prepare members to advance their personal skills.

A few examples of playing opportunities are:

  • Northeast Field Hockey Association
  • National Indoor Tournament
  • Big Apple Tournament 
  • National Hockey Festival
  • Canadian U18 Scarborough Cup 


Why choose the Spirit Eagles Field Hockey Group?
Let’s face it, to be good at anything, you must do the work required to succeed.  SEG provides an environment that enhances a student athlete’s chances for improvement.  We understand that this is only a part of the whole person.  Therefore, I would expect an attendance rate of 80% or above for each player.

Sure, there are other clubs out there, and they need to exist.  However, we would challenge anyone to find a club in the U.S. that offers, on a consistent year-round basis, the high level of skill training and coaching experiences in the sport of field hockey comparable to that of Spirit Eagles